Demo Reel

Welcome to my site, where you will find a selection of my work. You can contact me at and you can view my VFX Resume and Shot Breakdown for my latest demo reel.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have my work featured on two Emmy Awarded shows, Westworld and Gotham. Prior to my experience in VFX, I worked in the realm of Fine Art, where I created work utilizing both traditional methods and CNC technology.


Recently I just wrapped up working on a variety of pyro effects for the show Strange Angel with Barnstorm VFX, and previous to that I worked on particle energy effects and realistic rigid body dynamics for the feature film Asura with Mammal Studios.

Fine Arts

I am an artist who has always been inspired and captivated nature, and some of my earliest and greatest inspirations come from the mesmerizing work of Harold Edgerton, Ernst Haeckel, and Jean Painlevé. Here are some of my earlier work from my Fine Arts practice. You can see more here.