The following are my notes as I was developing this project. Many of these ideas were strongly influenced by ideas of Buddhism and John Berger.

Seeing life as a wave, we can refer to the low point as death and the high point as being enlightenment. The mid-point is where most of us reside. We understand that there are always people who are both better and worse, younger and older, more successful and less successful, more worthy and less worthy than we. We are always in the middle and it is from this point we perceive our existence.

We are constantly seeing, even within our sleep we are composing images and creating narratives. For a person who sees, I wonder if it is possible to imagine what is nothing.

There is a certain fear in the mystery of nothingness, one that is associated with darkness and death. 

Perhaps life is simply a sudden experience, one that was nothing before and will be nothing after. It is the most basic explanation that I believe everyone innately understands, but most choose to deny it out of discomfort or fear. 

Perhaps life is meaningless. We are a phenomenon of nature, like any other plant or animal, and like the wind and the clouds. So why do we resist so much being dissolved back to the place that brought us into life? I think religion is born from the denial of the possibility of losing one’s ego, because many religions provide people with the comfort of continued life after death. 

Though meaningless, life is an experience of nature and progression, and we are participants in it. Like everything around and within us, it is our nature to survive and progress.